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Body-jet Aquashape Lipo and Laserlipo:

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Developed by

Dr. Hans Werner

for Aspen Aesthetic Clinics

No Need To Wear Strong Bandage After Procedure

Body-jet aquashape lipo and laserlipo are setting a new standard and transforming the way both doctors and clients view liposuction. Using body-jet's gentle, pulsating spray of fluid, body-jet aquashape liposuction and combilipo offer a new alternative to conventional techniques and are the only true liposuctions without need to wear strong bandage after procedure. Body-jet aquashape lipo, laserlipo and combilipo can be performed even in the hot summer.





Aquashape by body-jet, laserlipo and combilipo are the effortless ways to remove and harvest high-quality fat for autologous fat transfer. During the procedure, a laminar water-jet gently dislodges, washes and harvests fat from selected areas of the body. The fat is collected in a separate Lipo-Collector™ or Filler-Collector, where it is ready for re-injection to the face, hands, breast or other parts of the body where rejuvenation and volumizing are desired. With Aquashape by body-jet, there is no centrifuging or additional processing needed before fat transfer and the entire procedure can be completed in significantly less time than other fat transfer procedures. Aquashape by body-jet, laserlipo and combilipo are simple, safe and effective procedures that are gentler for clients, while helping to preserve the viability of harvested fat cells.

Body-jet aquashape lipo is a gentle way to remove fat, requiring less force than other methods of liposuction. Aquashape by body-jet uses gentle irrigation and low suction power to dislodge and remove fat. Additionally, Aquashape by body-jet does not require classic pre-infiltration, which helps to shorten procedure times while sparing fat cells from excess exposure to infiltration fluid. 

Aquashape by body-jet Procedure




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