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Aspen Combi Lipo Fattransfer: Breast Enlargement With Own Fat

Breast Fat Transfer Only In Local Anesthesia

Photos before and after procedure

Permanent Breast Enlargement

Natural breast augmentation is a high tech procedure, where fat is taken from your own body via Aspen Combi Lipo Transfer to add volume to the breast.

This procedure is a safe and effective way to enhance the size of the breast, while simultaneously removing fat where it is not wanted.

Breast enlargement with own fat is performed only under local anesthesia.

Typically results: 1-4 cup sizes, overall increase.

This breast augmentation procedure, which includes harvesting the fat takes approximately 1-2 hours.

There is no swelling and postoperative pain and bruising.

Aspen Combi Lipo Transfer techniques result in 85-90% permanent fat cell survival.

Gentler harvesting means higher quality fat

Traditional or old style liposuctions methods by its very nature disrupt and destroy fat in order to remove it from the body. Aspen Combi Lipo Transfer by body or harvest-jet, on the other hand, is very gentle using water beam and low suction power to gently dislodge and remove fat. Additionally, Aspen Combi Lipo Transfer does not require classic pre-infiltration with a lot water / called tumescence. Short procedure times.

There is no centrifuging or additional processing needed before Aspen Combi Lipo Fat transfer.



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